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Enjoying Nature

Have you lost sight of what you want in your life or career? When we are stuck or unable to answer big questions about what we want in our lives, chances are we have grown disconnected from ourselves. The Reconnect is the antidote for disconnection. It will support you to reconnect to your heart, mind and body so you can tap into the wisdom that lives within you and knows exactly who you are and what you want. 

In this 12-week online program, you'll have access to learning, tools, practices and exercises that support you to: 

  • Connect heart, body and mind to access greater clarity

  • Create the foundation for big change and growth in an area of your life in which you currently feel stuck or uncertain

  • Tap into a wealth of energy 

  • Identify and honour boundaries necessary to maintain alignment and growth

  • Understand how resistance shows up for you and learn to make friends with your resistance

The Reconnect is available as a fully self-paced and self-guided online program, or as a self-paced program with one-on-one coaching. ​

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