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Lindsay Parker
Soulful Leadership Coach & Facilitator

Welcome. I'm Lindsay. I am lucky enough to call Banff, Alberta, Canada my home, and I share my space with my partner and our two adopted cats, Gizmo and Flash (who do not at all like each other, even after two years). I'm an ACC-level certified Integral Coach and leadership development guide. 

In no particular order, I live for hiking, staring in awe at nature, baking, cats, and actively working to expand consciousness in myself and others.

My purpose is to help leaders rediscover their inherent greatness, to see that they are brilliantly bright leaders with everything they need already within them.  

This wasn’t always my purpose. I spent 15 years in traditional leadership development and coaching. You know the kind: skill-building, fix-your-weaknesses, change-is-hard-and-takes-a-long-time leadership development.

I slowly became disillusioned with the work because I wasn’t seeing sustained change or transformation. Leaders seemed to stay stuck in their patterns, even when they could clearly see those patterns weren’t serving them.

I was no different. I was also stuck in old patterns. Every day felt like a grind, but I stayed in my safe little corporate world of leadership development doing the same old things.

I looked everywhere outside of myself for things to find relief and more meaning. I read all the books, took courses, watched TED Talks, but none of it seemed to work.

The only thing I hadn’t actually tried was deep, inner work. I resisted for a long time because it seemed too fluffy and impractical. But eventually I threw my hands in the air and gave it a try. 

It’s no exaggeration that it transformed my life.

By looking inward, I finally saw there was nothing missing in me, nothing broken or in need of fixing. I became aware of how I was viewing the world and its impact on my experience. I realized that by creating stillness and connecting to my inner wisdom, the answers I’d been looking for outside of myself were within me all along.  

Slowly but surely, I began to experience more energy, less attachment to thoughts and emotions, creative flow, ease and what I now realize is a sense of calm, inner peace. I emerged with a clear vision for supporting leaders in a completely different way.

Here’s the thing:  I’m no more special than you. If there is nothing broken or in need of fixing within me, it’s equally true of you. And if I already have everything I need within me, so do you. You’ve just forgotten or lost touch with those parts of yourself.

But when you rediscover it, you will unleash the leader within and lead without limits.

And it’s not as complicated or hard as you might think.

If you’re ready for a drastically different approach to leadership, I’m here to guide you back to your innate leadership greatness.

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