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Do you know you are already wise, clear and calm?


Many of you have forgotten. Life or perhaps leadership have started to feel complicated, challenging, and even downright exhausting. 

But it doesn’t have to feel that way. 

Soulful Living Circles provide space and guidance to look inward and find freedom from overthinking, stress, complexity and exhaustion so you can unleash your inner wisdom. 

Most of us have been taught to seek relief and solutions outside of ourselves: read a book, take a course, talk to a mentor. At best, these things can provide temporary relief and short-term solutions.


That's because everything you need is already within you, waiting for you to notice it. 

And that's what we do in Soulful Living Circles: we remember how to notice.


It sounds simple--at it is--but many of us have forgotten how to simply notice our experience without trying to stop it, change it, or control it. These attempts to escape what is are what causes so much of our confusion, suffering and struggle in life and leadership. 

Soulful Living Circles will remind you how to listen to your inner wisdom, so you can finally:

  • Be intentional vs. reactive because you’re guided by a clear vision

  • Form authentic, trusting and collaborative relationships with anyone

  • Make decisions and move through complexity with greater ease

  • Access the deep well of energy that sustains your focus and performance, regardless of what's happening around you.

  • For those in leadership roles, all this will help you be an impactful leader who’s respected and trusted, even when holding others accountable 


Doesn't that sound like a better way to live and lead than feeling tired, stressed, run-off-your-feet, or lost in a sea of complexity and endless, unsolvable problems? 

Who is it for? 

This program is ideal for:

  • Chronic over-thinkers who have struggled to get out of their heads, often experiencing anxiety and frustration as a result

  • Leaders who are struggling to find their way, have lost their sense of purpose or are overwhelmed and burned out

  • Folks struggling to make big life or career decisions


What's Involved? 

Soulful Living Circles are four-month virtual engagements that include:

  • Monthly virtual half-day workshops (4 in total)

  • Monthly 1:1 coaching calls (4 sessions, 60 minutes each)

  • Practices and inquiry to help you break out of your thinking mind and into your soulful voice

  • Optional group chat for peer support and community

  • Optional 360 feedback for leaders 


How much? 

$1500.00 CDN (+ taxes) without 360 feedback

$2500.00 CDN (+ taxes) with 360 feedback (includes one additional coaching session to debrief results)

Screen Shot 2022-12-13 at 9.30.25 AM.png

Hosted in beautiful Banff, Alberta, this nature-based retreat is designed to create the space for you to refocus, recharge and reconnect to your voice of wisdom. Over three days, you will ground yourself in nature to remind yourself of all that you are.  Nature's power will guide you back to your own power, and you will experience renewed energy and focus. 

This retreat is designed for:

  • The overwhelmed, burned-out and tired in need of a reset, rest and recharge

  • Anyone who tends to give so much to others that they sometimes fail to take care of their own needs

  • Over-thinkers who tend to get stuck in their heads

  • Those who struggle with stillness, quiet or creating space for introspection

  • This may include leaders and/or support/service providers, such as health care workers, coaches, social workers, or individuals in non-profit environments


At the end of this retreat, you will walk away:

  • Energized and awake (in the truest sense of the word)

  • Reconnected to your inner wisdom, the part of you who knows exactly how you want to show up 

  • With a clear vision for how to unleash your wisdom in life and work

  • With a plan to stay aligned to your renewed  vision

  • Holding personalized practices to reground yourself in purpose and wisdom whenever you need realignment

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