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What is Connected Wisdom?

At the heart of all my coaching and leadership programs is the idea within each of us already lives an amazing leader. We have everything we need within us. Right now. Connected wisdom is when we truly embody this knowledge.


Many of us have lost sight of this, blocked by the thinking mind (or ego) that tells us that we are not good enough, lacking, or needing to develop a lengthy list of skills in order to be great leaders. We limit ourselves when we identify with these thoughts and beliefs, and our leadership impact suffers as a result.


I will walk alongside you to help you remember your inherent greatness so you can embody it to lead without limits. Whether through coaching or leadership programs, we will systematically  remove any blocks to the innately wise, loving and purposeful leader within you.


This is a tandem process of unlearning and reconnecting. We do this through the highly experiential process of creating SPACE™ (Soulful Perspective and Consciousness Expanding) which requires active practice:

  • Creating Stillness

  • Noticing 

  • Dismantling current thought structures 

  • Allowing your soulful essence to emerge and embodying it

It’s likely very different from how you’ve done leadership development in the past, because there’s no ‘development’ here. There’s only uncovering who you already are and allowing it to shine through.

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