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I've worked in enough small to mid-sized organization to know the pain of trying to build talent management and leadership development approaches off the side of your desk. Sometimes your team is simply stretched too thin, and sometimes there's simply not enough in the budget to bring in a full-time resource. You might consider consultancies, but their solutions are often far too costly and complicated for smaller organizations. You need someone who actually understands your business, and who can truly work alongside you to create simple and practical solutions that meet your organization where it's at. 

If this sounds like you, it may be time to consider fractional Talent Management or Leadership Development support. Think of a fractional talent management or leadership development specialist as a pinch-hitter to help you get critical projects and processes over the finish line. Unlike a consultant, fractional leaders operate as a part of your team, working alongside you instead of at a distance. It's all the benefits of a having an employee, without carrying the costs of a permanent, full-time resource. 

With close to 20 years experience in a a variety of industries, I bring a wealth of experience in developing customized approaches for small-to-mid-sized organizations. Curious about what we can accomplish together? Here's a short-list: ​

  • Creating and implementing leadership, learning and/or career development frameworks 

  • Building out core talent management practices such as performance management approaches, talent reviews, assessments or succession planning

  • Building, refreshing or streamlining current talent or leadership practices and processes to better serve your talent needs

  • Designing or sourcing leadership development programs and/or team development for all levels of leadership

  • Mentor current team members to maintain and continuously improve practices and programs

Fractional agreements can be structured to meet your needs. Typically, this will look like:

  • Termed or open-ended engagements for anywhere from 1-3 days per week

  • Retainer services for "as needed" project support

If you'd like to explore how fractional talent management and leadership development support can serve your organization, I'm here. 

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