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Leaders, are you tired of feeling overwhelmed or stuck? Have you been working on some aspect of your leadership for what feels like forever and not making any progress? Maybe you’ve been told you're too ‘in the weeds’ or ‘not strategic enough’ or that you need to have more direct performance conversations. Whatever it is that’s holding you back from being the leader you want to be, we can work together to help you see that the capacities and qualities you want to unleash are already within you. And then we’ll unleash them by systematically dismantling and removing their blocks. 


Three- and six-month coaching packages are available to transform your leadership.

Nature can be a powerful portal for accessing our inner wisdom, particularly for those who struggle with over-thinking or getting out of their heads. If that sounds like you, or if you've reached the limits of purely conversational coaching, nature coaching might be the perfect fit for you.  

By holding our coaching session outdoors, we can immerse ourselves in natural systems, physically connect with the earth, leverage the healing and calming power of nature to deepen our breath, connect with heart, and tap into our innate wisdom. You'll see your leadership challenges through new eyes, and may experience the sudden emergence of solutions that your thinking mind alone couldn't see. That's how powerful nature is. Let nature be your guide to leadership transformation.*

*Nature coaching is available in person to those living in or travelling to the Bow Valley, but can also be done virtually for those who have access to nature and an adequate data plan to support video calls while outside.*

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For individuals and teams, the LCP 360 provides incredible insights into our inner operating system and how it currently enables or hinders our leadership effectiveness. Unlike other 360 feedback, the LCP 360 encourages deep reflection and exploration of root patterns that hold us back from our innate leadership greatness. This is the intersection of soul, ego and leadership and combined with individual or team coaching, this is a powerful foundation for big leadership growth.

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