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Monday Musings: how we talk about change matters

How many times have you caught yourself thinking or saying "change is hard" or even "people don't change"? Have you ever wondered whether describing change as hard, frustrating or impossible is actually why we experience it as such? 

Our words pack a punch. Our words reflect the expectations that we have for how things will unfold. Our expectations influence how we show up. How we show up influences outcomes. So basically, how we talk about things can directly affect results.

We are that powerful.

So here's some questions to ask yourself next time you notice you're thinking of change as hard, difficult, impossible, frustrating or daunting:

  • When I feel this way about change, how is it impacting my thoughts and actions?

  • How do I want to feel instead? Really try to imagine, experience and sink in to those positive feelings. Ask yourself: how would my thoughts and actions change as a result of feeling this way?

  • What are some positive descriptors for change that you can use to course correct if you find yourself spiralling into negative labels? For example: new, opportunity, fascinating puzzle to decipher, experimental, exploration.

Go forth and reframe your relationship with change.

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