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Spring, Renewal & New Beginnings

As we step into Spring, have you asked yourself what am I ready to take action on? The seasonal shift into Spring is ideal for this type of reflection. In fact, in The Wisdom of Anxiety, Sheryl Paul writes:

“Spring is the season of hope and renewal when, encouraged by the light and warmth, we find the energy to take the necessary action that can push the tentative new beginning into full awakening."

We can begin to examine the dreams that have laid dormant over the cold Winter months, or seek out the whispers of new beginnings. We can create a purposeful vision grounded in the power of knowing how we will feel when we bring our vision to fruition. We can even suss out where resistance and fear may lurk, carefully considering how they first show up in our body, so we can cultivate practices to bring ourselves back to equilibrium.

Here’s a seasonal reflection exercise to get you started:

  • What has been sitting dormant waiting for Spring’s warmth to help it grow? or What am I ready to awaken in my life?

  • What excites me about this? How will I feel as I bring this idea to life?

  • What (if anything) scares me about this idea? What are the signs of fear in my body, heart and mind? If these signs appear, what are the ways I can recenter and bring myself back to calm?

  • How can I regularly connect with the energy and momentum of Spring to stay focused on this bold idea?

  • Who can offer me support and encouragement along the way?

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